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Epic Travel Adventures 

Whether your travel memories are from yesterday or years ago, I will thoughtfully curate and design them into charming and meaningful photo books.


From minimalistic or classic to artful and whimsical, each book is designed with your images and stories in mind making it a truly one-of a-kind keepsake for your home or gift-giving.

Just about any topic or idea can be crafted into a book or album along with extras such as memorabilia, space to write your own words, QR codes, and more!  

View sample books in the Portfolio. Seeking a more traditional album or scrapbook-style book? I design and assemble them as well! 


Schedule a free 20-minute discovery call to discuss your project ideas and learn how to get started! 


Life's Special Moments 

Photos of milestone birthdays, anniversaries, coming-of-age ceremonies, family reunions, and many other memorable life events are great. But, they only tell part of the story...


It's in the distinct details of these moments that the FULL essence of them comes  alive! Details like the proper names of places and meals you enjoyed on your honeymoon; That your son's Bar Mitzvah yamaka cap was the same one worn by several generations;

Or the story behind the "secret ingredient" that made everyone rave about your dad's famous grilled burgers at the annual cookouts.


Let's ensure that these priceless details are captured, curated & preserved!










Designed around your images, captions, short summaries, and/or memorabilia, your heirloom book can be as minimalistic or as robust as you desire creating a truly lively

and visually-stunning story for you to enjoy and share for years to come! 


Schedule a free discovery call with me to discuss your project ideas.


"We didn't realize we were making memories,
we just knew we were having fun."


How it works

Discovery Call

We'll begin by getting to know each other with a 20-minute zoom call to learn about your project.  We'll talk about your ideas and preferences and I'll explain the process in more detail.

Gather & Select 

Next we'll work together to gather your photos, materials, and other details needed. You’ll upload digital photos from your phone, tablet or computer.  You can choose all the images, have me select them, or a little of both. 

Design & Deliver

Then book design gets underway. We'll stay in touch throughout the entire process for updates, reviews and any questions that may come up. Once I receive final approval from you, your book will be sent to the print lab... then shortly on it's way to your home !! 

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