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We live our lives in moments; some of these happen by chance, some by luck, and others by interventions beyond our control. And, we all have “defining moments” that lead to meaningful experiences that shape our lives and stand out in our memory.

But did you know that with a little forethought and planning, it’s not only possible to experience extra-ordinary moments in our personal lives and at work, but to create them for the people you care about?


That’s where Let The Memories Begin Again can help! The magic happens when we find any reason or occasion to celebrate because that's what makes life more enjoyable and fulfilling.

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Let’s work together to design a gathering, event, personal celebration, or small business affair that will delight your guests, create connections, and leave lasting impressions.

But then, what about all the photos, videos, and memorabilia you’ve collected to remember these times? Are these items simply destined to become “the relics of your life’s defining moments,”* and live in dusty boxes under your bed or in your attic, on hard drives, and in “the cloud” hardly, if ever, to be viewed again?

Your memories matter. Your photos matter. Your stories matter.


It’s time we... Let the Memories Begin Again

*The Power of Moments" - Chip & Dan Heath

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meet stacey

I don’t know which I love more… memory-making or memory-keeping. They’ve both been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. I begged for my first camera for my 7th birthday, have always loved gift-giving and making special presents for family and friends, and even hosted my first solo “bash”, a Halloween party, for a few neighborhood friends when I was 11. So, this venture of mine is finally the full culmination of these dual life-long obsessions combined with my years of personal and professional experiences and education.  Oh and, the “teeny” fact that I’m a multi-passionate creative who’s never been content with doing just one thing and has always had a hard time answering the dreaded “what do you do?” question.

A bit about my experience...

  • Designed  & hosted numerous themed gatherings - Holiday celebrations, business & non-profit events, birthday parties for all ages.  

  • Created photo books, tribute albums, traditional scrapbooks, wall displays & shadow boxes. 

  • Versed in leading workshops & presentations 

  • BS Secondary Education, Training Specialist

  • Certified Pro, The Photo Managers

  • Certificate in Event Planning, Duke University Continuing Studies Program

fun facts about stacey


 Disney & Pixar movies are my all-time favorites

I love coffee, laughing, a good pun & smiley faces

I competed as an artistic roller skater from ages 11-16

“Be positive” is literally a part of me… my blood type is B+  

My Disney character “alter-ego” is definitely Tinker Bell, but Joy (from Inside Out) runs a close second.


where is


Let The Memories Begin Again is based in Southern Wake County, North Carolina - just 15 miles from Downtown Raleigh, but is able to work with clients throughout the United States.

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